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Hello everyone, how are you all today you are visiting this page it means that you like fitness Model SARA SAFFARI So today I am going to tell you about one dynamic celebrity who is basically an Instagram SARA SAFFARI star but now she is in demand because she becomes one of the beautiful fitness influencer and model


Sara Safari is a popular fitness model, influencer, and social media star who was born in Kentucky which is situated in the United States of America. She completed her higher studies at Adolfo Camarillo high school, Kentucky, and after schooling, she took admitted to University where she did her graduation. Now, she lives in Los Angles, California

  • Birth date 28 Feb 2001
  • Parents Not applicable
  • Religion Christian
  • Gender Female


As we all know that fitness influencer is very conscious about their diet so that, they can achieve their design goals. Similarly, Sara is also very conscious about her diet and weight her diet is the only weapon to take her beautiful so she never compromises her diet or workout plan. According to social media, we found that she loves eating wherever she goes she ate whatever its famous dish but for balancing this junk food she made extra workout. Her height is 5ft. and 5 inches and her weight is 60 kg. she has brown eyes and black hair. She also has a bird tattoo on her arm.


As I told you, Sara is basically popular from her social media accounts like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube where she posts thousand of content regarding fitness and people like her here she has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and she has 430k subscribers on YouTube. On YouTube, she also posted her fitness vlogs.

CAREER Sara Safari

In school time Sara love sports and she likes to play basketball and ran tracking before social media her financial condition was not so good and she started working in restaurants for a minimum salary. And side by side she started a gym due to her gloom and she revealed that she had a great transformation in her body in 1 year so she decided to start social media where she posted thousands of posts regarding fitness she started to post in fitness on tik-tok and Instagram starting she did not get full support from people but in 2022 suddenly her videos and photos get millions of likes and she becomes a well known social media star. Her first achievement is when she bought a new car with her own money at the age of 17.

  • Name Sara Safari
  • Age 23
  • Birth date 28 Feb 2001
  • Country USA
  • Religion Christian
  • Parents Not applicable
  • Marital status Unmarried
  • Boy friend Not applicable

According to social media and others, we found that she is currently single and not married yet. We also do not get information about her parents Sara does not want to reveal any personal information about her family she loves traveling and she is 23 years old right now and she also like video games. She is not a religious person
She only believes in Hard work and she clearly stated that there is no luck if you did very hard work so you can achieve your goals but if you do not practice towards your goal and you think that you will get all which is your want so I am sorry to say that you have a wrong mindset there is need to change your mentality. Her favorite workout is a shoulder exercise

WORK Sara Safari

She is working with many popular brands such as- Raw Gear, Gorilla Mind, gym shark bloom nutrition, etc. She also promotes many brands on her account. Estimated she has a net worth of $5,50,000(estimated)
“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for

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