Biography oF Sara Sigmundsdottir

In the era of fitness there are many fitness bodybuilders and athletes who want to make their figure muscular and attractive, but it is not easy to make a body fit. There is a lot of effort that must be done. You should always remember one thing that” you are stronger than you think” if you want to be fit you can work on your weak aspects. However, it may not seem to be simple, a lot of hard work and consistency is require

BIOGRAPHY Sara Sigmundsdottir

Sara Sigmundsdottir, a world class fitness bodybuilder, model, weightlifter, and a classified CrossFit athlete from Iceland. She was born on 12 September 1992 in Iceland. A terrific player of CrossFit games, she participated in CrossFit sport for six times in which she had participated in podium twice, also won thrice in worldwide open Championship. Furthermore, she even won the sectional open winner championship thrice. Unfortunately, she had faced an Injury during her Competitions practices, as a result she had to take some break from her competition career. If I talk about Sara’s working practices, she is a hard-working girl who is quite strict towards her diet and workout sessions.


  • HEIGHT- 5’7”
  • WEIGHT- 69 Kgs
  • HAIR COLOUR- Blonde
  • EYE COLOUR- Brown

Sara Sigmundsdottir PERSONAL LIFE

Sara is a weightlifter and CrossFit athlete, not only this, but she is also an animal lover. She collaborates with many brands and gets a lot of fame here. She has created her own website where she updates all important and basic things regarding CrossFit sport and career too. She is a wonderful and hardworking girl.

Along with fitness she is also careful about her skin she does many types of skin routines. Sara also likes to explore many charitable events. When she was in her schooling, she had a dream to become a pilot.

Apart from this, She uses many supplements and Sara likes to travel. She is sponsored by many brands. She has a Car collection. She looks very attractive with her blonde hair and brown eyes. Her mother’s name is Hafrun jonsdottir. She idolizes her parents.

Sara Sigmundsdottir EDUCATION

If we talk about educational background, she was a good student during her schooling. Since her childhood, she was quite active in sports. She used to play different kinds of sports like volleyball, baseball, Gymnastics. Therefore, all these sports helped her to become more flexible and stronger. Sara has completed her schooling in a local high school in her city. After completing her Schooling, she enrolled for her higher studies in university. She completed her graduation in psychology from the open university in Iceland.

Sara Sigmundsdottir CAREER

By profession, Sara is a fitness bodybuilder, fitness icon and model, weightlifter, online influencer and a classified CROSSFIT athlete. She has 11 years of experience in this profession. She has worked as a CrossFit Athlete. Her debut was in 2012 as a professional athlete. But it was not so easy for her; she participated in countless events and her hard work took her to this place. Numerous times she failed in many competitions but she didn’t take her step back but she fought and now she is counted in the top list of weightlifters and CrossFit athletes.

Sara Sigmundsdottir ACHIEVEMENTS

Sara has trained herself in the fitness world for a long time. She has been maintaining her body figure consciously. She has participated in many competitions and won so many achievements even though she faced many injuries in her journey, but she never gave up. The competitions which participated their list is given below

Sara Sigmundsdottir FITNESS JOURNEY

When Sara was in primary school, she was a skinny girl and always liked to eat something. Sometimes, her teacher also shook when she knew her diet. Sara had suffered from a food disorder. In her childhood, she was a really active kid and burned her calories faster when she came in high school then she continued eating whatever she wanted and she quit aerobics and dancing. As a result, she gained weight at the start of her class 10th she was 45 kgs but at the end of session she was 57 kgs and day by day she gained weight quickly as a result sometimes, she had been bullied by her friend.

Even then She does not realise anything. One day, she scrolled her pictures and she looked very carefully at her pictures and then she realised what she did with her body and started crying. She does not want this anymore and then she decided to lose her weight.

She was in 12th class and started to control her weight with natural ingredients. Day by day, she lost her weight and at the same time, she realised that her fitness interest also took place in her heart. After Graduation, she started the Gym and developed her interest into profession. She did intense workouts in the gym. She faced many difficulties in the gym, but she didn’t step back and she fought, and the result seemed in front of us that- she is counted in a top list of weightlifting and CrossFit athletes. She has played many competitions and made records.

Her record in:

Clear and Jerk’ – 112kgs

Snatch’ – 95kgs

Deadlift’ – 155kgs

Back squat’ – 135kgs

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