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FAFA Fitness:
in today’s article, we are going to talk about Fafa Fitness . she is Fitness Coach and Model. her ethnicity is Brazilian. but due to her work, she is currently living in Miami.Like most fitness legends Fafa started her path to run on dreams from her childhood.
in her childhood she was skinny and her family member was all good at fitness and sports. due to that reason, she started her journey of fitness. As she grew up, in her teenage, she took an interest in weight lifting and muscle gaining and from here her journey to become one of the great female fitness freaks begins.


she was born in 1986 in Brazil. Fafa’s height is 5.2 feet (158.496 Cm). and her weight is 62 kg (136.687) approx. her languages are English and Portuguese .inspiration for her Profession started from her own family, we will talk about this in later. there is not much information about her family as she has not opened up anything about that. Fafa has a muscular body. she Provides videos for fitness

and Muscle gain on her Social media platforms.
she Comes from a good family background. she did her qualifications from Brazil. in her childhood, she was good in sports and took part in most of the sports played in school and college. she was very much flexible from her childhood . Fafa was a good athlete from childhood. She started her fitness from basic fitness. when she started her fitness journey she didn’t know much about bodybuilding. even though she was not taking any strict diet during that time. after spending time in her field she started gaining knowledge about diet plans, weight lifting and started implementing it on her life exercises. after having a good knowledge of fitness, bodybuilding and Diet plans . she started training people and giving knowledge about fitness to her followers.


Fafa training session is of 5 days per week. her main training focuses are weight lifting, back and shoulders. She also takes a strict diet plan. she performs many photo shoots . she takes diet plans during her photo-shoot also. She has more than 11 years of experience in her profile. She has trained many people in fitness. she runs many programs for fitness on social media platforms and spreads information about fitness and diet plans. you can check her programs on her website,

Fafa fitness on Instagram profile has more than 704K followers, a humongous number, she continuously posts fitness training videos on her social media platforms .her videos inspire many youth and people who are trying to be fit and who want to join the field of bodybuilding.


who is Fafa Fitness?

ans. She is a fitness trainer and bodybuilder from Brazil . She is currently living in Miami.
what is her weight, height, and body type?

what is her weight , height and body type .

ans. her height is 5.2 feet (158 cm) . her weight is 62 kg and she has a muscular and bulky body type.

what are her diet plans?

she consumes a carb rich diet plan due to her training exercises she uses a proper diet plan . she also eats foods which are rich with proteins.

what are her training routines?

Fafa trains herself 5 days in week . she uses heavy lifting ,shoulder exercises much . she performs many many rotation of muscle workouts and potential workout in gym

how she trains people?

she has many program on her website through which she provide her services to the people required .

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