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Hello friends a very warm welcome all of you on our page here you are looking on this page. So it means that you have a quite interest in bodybuilders…. Here, the most beautiful hulk fitness bodybuilder athlete and weight lifter will be looked by you And Today we are going to tell you about our most beautiful hulk female fitness athlete who is absolutely a beautiful soul as well as beautiful and kind-hearted person.


Today we are going to tell you about most adorable woman Mariana Campos. Mariana campos is counted in a top list of female fitness athletes.and a married lady who balances her professional and personal life very well and also a mother of 2 sons.

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A super fantastic model Mariana Campos Who was born in Florida and currently living in Florida she is a well-behaved and attractive CrossFit athlete. Now she is in her 30’s and she made her body like woww. She made her personality very attractive and strong. From her childhood she had interest in fitness.


HUSBANDGrecia Kenny
Children2 sons

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HEIGHT5’3 inch


Education is a right of all human beings. Mariana also used her right. She completed higher studies in local high school in Florida and senior secondary studies completed in Florida. And further studies like University also done in Florida. Since her childhood, she has a lot of interest in sports and she participated in many sports in which she did great.


As I told you before, Mariana had intrest in fitness since her childhood, when she joined a gym in the beginning, she wants her body toned and she didn’t have any goal in fitness industry but day by day when she used to come in gym regularly and saw bodybuilders and after gained a knowledge in fitness she decided to make her career in fitness industry. In the starting, her family disagreed with her decision but later her family understood her and start supporting her and her fans and her friends also supported her very well . She loves her fans a lot because her fans supported her in her bad times. When no one use to understand her and she lost her confidence in herself. But her fans made her confident and assured her that she is the one of a hardworking and inspirational person. And now nobody can replace you also made her believe that one day the world will know her for her name. After lots of ups and downs and after facing many obstacles she made her name in the fitness world.


Mariana Campos usually intake only healthy food in which she includes green vegetables, egg meat chicken vitamin and carbohydrates as well as supplements and whey protein but when she is in her weekend then she cheats on her meals and enjoy her full weekends with lots of funs and junk foods.
Now we talk about her gym routine she basically start her workout with warm-up and then she start her exercises like crunches bench press squats lunges weightlifting and many more exercises.

PERSONAL LIFE Mariana Campos

As I told you later, she is a married woman who balances her professional and personal life with very effective manner. Her family always support her for achieving her dream and she never leaves no stone unturned to make them happy or proud. She has a parents who loves her daughter alot most of the time she shared their parents photos on social media and as well as I told you later that she is a married woman and she has a loving caring and gentle person as a partner in her life. Her husband loves her a lot. They also have 2 sons who love their parents alot means they have a complete happy family. Mariana spends their holidays with her family she wants to spend her lot of time with her family but due to her busy schedule she can’t so thatswhy she celebrates her single free day with her family.

SOCIAL MEDIA Mariana Campos

Here are the links of her some social media accounts if you want to get updated for her life so you can follow her and know more about her lifestyles and her fitness routine so just go and follow her:

INSTAGRAM – heymarianacamps
YOUTUBE – Mariana Campos

Mariana Campos is also a gym coach and fitness influencer who is is influencing her fans by sharing her fitness photos and videos on her social media platforms. Also on YouTube, you can find her diet routine and many more videos like( what I eat in a day) there you can check about her.


From the beginning, she worked hard to achieve goals and her desired post. For her dreams, she is working now. She earned lot of respect and care from her fans and she is working on herself so that she can prove herself in the front of world. For this her fans are supporting her.


She collaborated with lots of companies. And because of her, sales of many companies have been increased by her. We don’t have an actual data of name of the companies but when we got we will updated here.


By other sources we found that Mariana campos earns $1 million to $5 million in a year.

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